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The National School Opened in 2017, Glory International Schools in El Mahalla include three sections; the Kg section, the national section, and the international section.
The Kg section includes three stages; the pre-kg stage, kg one, and kg two. The international section is licensed to be k-12. The national section is licensed to be k-12 too. The kg and the international sections are discussed through other documents. These documents are meant to discuss the system in the national section including curriculum, teachers, assessment, supervision, extra-curricular activities and other issues.
Like any language school in Egypt, Glory is committed to the laws and regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Education. We use the same curriculum used by the experimental schools. Students study Arabic, Religion, Social Studies, English, Maths, and Science. Besides, second language studied by the students in the language and experimental schools. Moreover, students study the advanced level of the English language.
Glory Schools have a systematic process to select qualified teachers. For this reason teachers go through many steps to be appointed. First, they complete an application form on the school site and a copy of the candidate’s CV has to be enclosed. Second, they are asked to sit for a written exam with a fixed time. This is if they meet the requirements of the school as mentioned in the recruitment policy.
Third, they are asked to conduct a demonstration lesson. Finally, the selected candidates are given dates to sit for an interview. Qualified and experienced candidates are prioritized.
The learners in the national sections are assessed according to the specifications set by the Egyptian ministry of education. In order to provide a healthy and safe environment our students are carefully supervised well in all the school premises. Glory International Schools contain many facilities that help students practise all the extra-curricular activities that support learning in the national section.
All in all, the national section in Glory Schools, Mahalla, is run by an international approach.