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Brief history

The dream started when the chairman, Mr. Hamdi Abel Razek Ahmed, felt homesickness and it was time to get back to Egypt, the mother of all nations. That was exactly a few years ago.

With long experience in running international schools and the strong desire to offer excellent educational services to the Egyptian children, Mr. Hamdi established the first international school, Glory International Schools, in Mansoura city, Egypt. The success in Glory International Schools in Mansoura pushed Mr. Hamdi to open the second branch in El Mahalla El Kobra, Al Gharbiya Governorate. The arrangements for the new branch took place early in 2017.

Opened by El Gharbiya Governor, General Ahmed Dhaif, Glory International Schools opened its doors in September 2017. Before enrolling students, Glory International schools have taken all necessary procedures to secure safe learning environment for the students. The schools are licensed to enroll students from Kindergarten to grade 12 in two sections; national and international.


In progress