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Admissions Overview

Come and meet us on our next school tour and learn more about the Glory Way of teaching that encourages each learner as an individual, tailoring a unique set of opportunities to ignite their passion for learning.
Applications now open from KG to Year 10.

We look forward to welcoming you and answering any questions that you may have.

Admissions Policy

This policy includes definitions and guidelines related to admissions procedures at the school. References to Glory children should be read as Pupils in the Primary phase and Students in the Secondary phase of the school and are interchangeable.

Glory International School is committed to serving the community of Mahalla and operates an open and inclusive admissions policy. We aim at all times to admit each applicant if we believe that the school can meet their learning needs. Those who wish to apply for a place at our school are required to sit a placement assessment appropriate to the age and stage of the child in their learning.
Glory students will be welcomed to the school and will be allocated priority places. Students will not be denied admission on the basis of language provision but additional support may be both required and recommended to ensure that progress can be made and also to ensure student happiness and wellbeing if transferring into an unknown environment.
Special needs admissions and assessments will be directly supervised by the Head of Special Needs, working with the registrar and senior team. In cases where students have special needs that go well beyond the normal spectrum, the School undertakes to work closely and cooperatively with parents.
The premises have been designed to aid the mobility of students with physical disabilities.
The School will also introduce a limited scheme of school bursaries through a published scholarship program to recognize exceptional achievers. In addition, the school will offer discretionary and limited fee support for families who have been loyal to the School and who temporarily fall into financial difficulty.


Decisions regarding admissions will be taken by the Principal and / or his senior staff and such decisions will be made in line with the regulatory authority legislation and guidelines. Decisions will also take account of the child’s age, previous learning, assessment outcomes and previous educational records where available and applicable.
The tests are non-curriculum specific and non-content based.
Previous school reports will also be taken into consideration if appropriate. Following each stage of this process, the school will be in an informed position to make the relevant and appropriate offer for the applicant.
The school reserves the right to administer an English language test to ensure that students either :
(a) have the necessary English skills to cope with the curriculum offered, or
(b) can show the potential to improve their English language skills over a single term, so that they cope independently.
Confirmed admission is also dependent on all the required and appropriate documentation to ensure adherence to legislative requirements, though conditional offers can of course be made in advance of submission of such paperwork.

In order to process the application and assessment, parents are required to provide the following documentation at time of assessment:
- A copy of the child’s birth certificate
- A copy of the child’s passport, visa and ID
- A copy of both parents’ passport, visa and ID
- 6 x Passport photos of the child
- Previous years’ school reports or nursery school reports where applicable
- Transfer certificate from Year 1 upwards where applicable.
These documents may be submitted with the child’s Online Application Form.
An assessment fee of 500 L.E is payable which is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Who was consulted?

In drafting this policy Glory International School has followed the requirements and legislative processes. It has also considered best global practices drawn from the experience of its Senior Leadership Team and consulted with the Arabic Secretary, admissions team and school owners. Roles and responsibilities:
The Principal will ensure that:
• Students are admitted in accordance with this policy, and will work closely with the admissions team and Arabic Secretary to ensure implementation and compliance throughout the year.
• The number of open classes and projected numbers is agreed with the owner and advisory board as part of the budget and school operations planning processes.
The Registrar and Admissions Team will ensure that:
• Students are admitted in accordance with this policy, and will work closely with the Principal and Senior Leadership Team Staff and Arabic Secretary to ensure implementation and compliance throughout the year.
The Principal and relevant advisory groups who support enrolments, are kept informed and up-to-date regarding enquiries, applications and admissions on a regular and planned frequent basis the Arabic Secretary will ensure that:
The Principal, Leadership Team and Admissions Team are kept up-to-date and informed regarding.
Parents are supported in relation to any queries and also in the completion of the parent contract.